With so many different types of dog food available for purchase, it’s hard to know which one is the best fit for your dog. So what makes Canis the perfect solution?

We’re proud to be the first ever Cold Pressed dog food that’s made right here in the UK! Research shows that 73% of British people think it’s important to buy British-made products, as it helps support our country’s economy and minimises our carbon footprint.
We’re also proud to say Canis is a game-changer for dog nutrition! Our recipes are crafted using a Cold Pressed technique, which allows us to create healthy complete dog food without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Cold Pressing is a unique process that means we can prepare your dog’s food without the need for high temperatures, which can damage vitamins and minerals.

The Benefits

Canis breaks down in your dog’s stomach like human grade and Raw diets, rather than swelling like a regular extruded dog food. This makes the digestion process much easier for your dog and avoids bloat. It also means Canis is suitable to feed alongside a raw diet, perfect for all you raw feeders out there when you go on your holidays or simply want something a little more convenient!

A bag of Canis can go a third further than a regular dried dog food, therefore saving you money at the same time as making your canine companion happy and healthy! Canis’ Cold Pressed will leave your dog with more positive energy, healthier skin, shinier coat, better stools, reduced flatulence, fresher breath, the list goes on…


Cold Pressed dog food retains more of its natural nutritional than other dry foods. How?
The ingredients are gently mixed before being pressed for a few seconds at low temperatures. By foregoing the use of high temperatures and steam a lot more of the food’s natural essential nutrients remain intact, which results in a more natural
We don’t take shortcuts and you won’t find any chemical additives or filler in Canis. Each delicious nugget is made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients!
If you want to read more about our product please head over to our Frequently Asked Questions.